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Members of The Sgt. Angel Mendez Detachment

A message from the Commandant,

Marines, Associates of the detachment. I hope all members are well as we work through this crisis. The detachment is still closed, however maintenance is being performed on a daily basis so that by the time we are again open to the membership, there will be many improvements both within and on the property. Some may have noticed that there are a few school busses on the property. A generous donation was made to the detachment from Vinny’s bus service, that due to the school closing they had asked if they may park on the property. I am sure that the schools will again be opened in September.

All functions and events are still cancelled. Depending on the city, perhaps towards the end June, we can have an outdoor meeting.

On a sad note please remember in your thoughts and prayers our brother Marines, Rick O,shea and James Mortimer who passed this last January. They have answered the last roll call and are at peace.

On a happier note, congratulations to Marine Justin Cuccea and Heather Christensen on the birth of their daughter Alexandria.

As the weather turns warmer, I hope many of you can get out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. I hope that starting in June, some of the restrictions that have been imposed on the citizens of New York will start to be lifted so that people can get back to work and assume normal activities.

Be safe , be well

Semper FI








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