Pound Salt 69
Devil Dogs
Staten Island Detachment 246

"Military Order of Devil Dogs"
Marine Corps League's
Fun and Honor Society

>If YOU were put on trial for being a Devil Dog, would there be enough evidence to convict YOU? Do you attend Growls and functions? Do you support the Pound? If not, why not start NOW!!!


PDD Sean A. Torres Sr.


I am an American: I was born in France. I have held the title of United States Marine, and understand the committment of holding the title, Devil Dog. It is a tradition born at Belleau Wood in the year 1918, of a Force In Readiness and the "First To Fight". As a Devil Dog, I ask no quarter and give no quarter. I will do everything in my power to uphold the objectives of the Military Order of Devil Dogs and to carry out my duties to a swift and satisfactory completion.

The Military Order of Devil Dogs is made up only of Members of the
Marine Corps League.
The Order only accepts the most worthy of League Members

Main Purpose

Promotes good fellowship amongst the members of different Marine Corps League Detachments. The Order provides amusement and entertainment at all gatherings of the League, when and where advisable, preserves and strengthens the principles and ideals of the League, and maintains true allegiance to the United States of America and its Constitution and laws. It fosters and extends American institutions of freedom and defends America against all enemies foreign and domestic. The Order is also VERY active in raising funds for children's hospitals, and associated charities.


The ' Pound ' is on a local level and is usually made up of members of different
Marine Corps League Detachments.
On the State level there is the ' Pack '
On the National level there is the ' Kennel '

There are three different degrees in the Order
The lowest degree is that of a ' Pup '
The ' Pup ' wears a black ribbon

The next degree is that of a ' Devil Dog '
the ' Devil Dog ' wears a red ribbon

The highest degree is that of a ' Pedigreed Devil Dog '
and the ' Pedigreed Devil Dog ' wears a gold ribbon

The ribbon is worn around the neck
and a Silver Dog Tag is attached to it.

The head of the ' Pound ' is called the
' Pound Keeper '
The head of the ' Pack ' is the
' Pack Leader '
The head of the ' Kennel ' is also the
head of all ' Devil Dogs ' and is called the
' Chief Devil Dog '
The ' Chief Devil Dog ' wears a Gold Chain with a Gold Dog Tag

The Order's many charitable donations not only help people in need, but also builds good public relations for
the Order, the League, and the United States Marine Corps.

The Trike Program
This program donates TRIKES to handicapped children.
The 2014 presentation was held on 14 December at the Detachment.
The program in Staten Island is run by the
Military Order Of Devil Dogs Pound Salt 69
of the Staten Island #1 Marine Corps League Detachment 246.
Click on the picture for 2010 donation

For more information on this program contact Marines
PDD Jack King or PDD Tom Wortmann
at the Detachment Email link below.


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